28 July 2014

Murata’s XRCGB-F-P crystal unit series achieves up to 43% total tolerance improvement

Hoofddorp, Netherlands: Murata today announced a new range of crystal units based on its XRCGB-F family. The XRCGB-F-P crystal units have significantly improved frequency tolerance and temperature characteristics compared to previous units, allowing engineers to specify them for use in a broad range of consumer and industrial applications. With a frequency tolerance of +/- 20 ppm (at +25 degrees C), and frequency shift by temperature of +/- 20 ppm max. (-30 to + 85 degrees C), these unit crystal units are particularly suitable for use in 802.1.wireless connectivity designs using protocols such as Bluetooth Low Energy and ZigBee. Compared to previous crystal units that had a combined tolerance of +/- 70 ppm, these +/- 40 ppm units represent close to a 43% improvement in total tolerance.


2 July 2014

Murata and Ericsson to collaborate on digital power products

Murata Power Solutions and Ericsson, a world leader in communications technology and services, today announced that they have entered into a technical collaboration agreement with the goal of accelerating the adoption of digital power products. Under the terms of this agreement each company will introduce a range of standardized digital power modules. This will result in the availability of multiple product sources to manufacturers that are considering migrating designs from analog to digitally monitored and controlled units.


26 June 2014

Murata’s MLCC with interposer substrate reduces acoustic “squealing” noise

Murata today announced the ZRB series of monolithic ceramic capacitors (MLCC) packaged on an interposer substrate designed specifically to reduce acoustic “squealing” noise typically induced by mechanical vibration of the capacitor. Available in the same size as conventional MLCCs, the ZRB is available in EIA 0402 (1.0 x 0.05mm) and EIA 0603 (1.6 x 0.8mm) package formats with working voltages of 6.3, 10, 16 and 25 VDC, With this approach, the ZRB becomes an ideal replacement part to update an end-application design without the need for modification of the PCB layout.


18 June 2014

Ultra compact light and low power SMD piezoelectric sounder suits portable health care devices

Murata today announced they have commenced mass production of, what they believe, to be the smallest and lightest surface mount piezoelectric sounder available. Occupying significantly less surface area, and with a combined weight and area reduction of 44% compared to previous Murata products, the PKMCS0909E4000-R1 measures just 9 x 9 x 1.7 mm and weighs only 160 mg.


27 May 2014

Murata announces highly efficient combined 3-phase PFC and DC-DC converter for data centre applications

Murata today announced two products that are designed to improve power conversion efficiency in large data centre environments. These complementary products are a 5 kW PFC converter with 3-phase AC input and a matching high input voltage 1,200 Watt DC-DC converter. High voltage direct current (HVDC) power supply solutions are increasingly becoming popular as a way to power large server racks and datastorage equipment in the most energy efficient means possible. These two new products achieve this while meeting the restrictions placed on reducing higher harmonics to a minimum.


7 May 2014

Murata develops world’s smallest combined proximity and illuminance sensor

Murata today announced what it believes to be the world’s smallest combined proximity and illuminance sensor. The surface mounted LT-1PA01 device measures just 3.05 x 2.10 x 1.10 mm and integrates both an optical proximity sensor and an illuminance sensor. The proximity sensor uses a photoreceptor to measure the distance to an object based on the amount of returned light. Another photoreceptor is used to detect the amount of ambient brightness. Such sensors are widely used in smartphones to darken the screen when the phone is near the user’s face during a call or to increase the brightness of the screen’s backlight when used outdoor.


24 April 2014

Two Watt DC-DC converter suits “high/low” side IGBT drive applications

Murata today announced the MGJ2 series of 2 Watt high isolation dual output DC/DC converters from Murata Power Solutions. These compact encapsulated devices are suitable for powering “high side” and “low side” gate drives in bridge circuits using insulated-gate bipolar transistors (IGBTs) and MOSFETs. Offering basic and supplementary insulation, with an isolation test voltage of 5.2 kVDC and conforming to the internationally recognized safety standard UL60950 (pending), the MGJ2 series can provide a key element of the end-product’s safety insulation system.


16 April 2014

6 Watt encapsulated DC-DC converter with 4:1 input range meets 3rd edition medical safety standard

Murata today announced the NCM6 series of isolated 6 Watt single and dual output DC/DC converters from Murata Power Solutions. Accommodating up to an ultra wide 4:1 input range, these DC-DC converters are available in three nominal input voltage ranges of either 5 VDC input (4.5 – 9 VDC 2:1 range), 12 VDC (9 – 36 VDC 4:1 range) or 48 VDC (18 – 75 VDC 4:1 range). Each nominal input voltage variant offers seven output voltage models. Four of these are single output versions with +3.3, +5, +12 or +15 VDC output. Three dual output models provide +5, +12 or +15 VDC output options. Recognition of certification to international safety standards UL60950 for IT equipment and 3rd edition medical safety standard UL60601 for 2 MOOP is pending.


1 April 2014

Murata launches new visual identity

Murata announced today the launch of its new visual identity with changes to the corporate logo and other visual identity elements. The aim of this change is to better express Murata's philosophy and brand promise "Innovator in Electronics®".


27 March 2014

Murata adds I2C interface to MAGICSTRAP RFID device

Murata today announced that it has commenced mass production of the LXMS2HACNF-165 RFID device that features a wired I2C interface. Conforming to the RFID standards ISO/IEC 18000-6C, EPC global C1G2 and operating in the 900 MHz frequency band, this device is the latest addition to the surface mount MAGICSTRAP® RFID family of devices.


19 March 2014

Murata 2 Watt DC-DC converter shrinks footprint by 50% of industry norm

Murata today announced the MTU2 series of ultra miniature surface mounted 2 W DC-DC converters from Murata Power Solutions. Believed to be the industry’s smallest 2W converter and measuring just 8.2 x 8.4 x 8.5 mm with a 0.69 cm2 footprint, it is 50% smaller than the current 1.67 cm2 industry standard. With a typical conversion efficiency of 85% across the full load range and a power density of 3.403 Watts/cm3, the MTU2 series is available with either a single or dual output voltage. Input voltages cover the popular nominal inputs from 3.3 to 24 VDC. Output voltage options include 5, 12, or 24 VDC. Dual output models provide +/- 5 or +/- 12 VDC. Load regulation is typically 5% better than other products available on the market, reducing the need for any additional regulation components.


11 March 2014

Murata has developed world’s first surface mount ultrasonic sensor

Murata today announced that it has developed a surface-mount device (SMD)-type ultrasonic sensor and that the product will be manufactured by Hakui Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd., with production starting in summer 2014.


5 March 2014

Murata 12 V 20 Amp DOSA compatible quarter brick DCDC converter suits wireless backhaul and smart grid applications

Murata today announced the UWQ 240 Watt quarter-brick DCDC converter from Murata Power Solutions designed for a wireless backhaul, smart grid, and a broad range of networking and other telecommunications applications. With a fixed 12 VDC / 20 A single output this DOSA compatible open-frame quarter brick package occupies only 58.4 x 36.8 x 11.7 mm. This compact device helps designers conserve valuable board footprint for today’s space-constrained designs. The converter accepts a wide 3:1 input range of voltage from 18 to 60 VDC around a nominal 48 VDC. A remote sense feature provides the automatic adjustment of Vout to make up for line and load losses while a trim function allows +/-10% of Vout. The series has tight load and line regulation that ensures that the output voltage does not vary beyond +/- 1.25% when the load changes.


26 February 2014

Murata Eighth Brick DOSA compliant 150 W DC DC converter suits distributed power applications

Murata today announced the UEE series of 150 Watt isolated DC-DC converters from Murata Power Solutions designed for intermediate bus and distributed power architectures. Packaged in an industry standard eighth brick format, these DOSA compliant converters measure just 58.4 x 22.9 x 10.7 mm and are available with either mounting pins or as a surface mount device.


21 February 2014

Murata 1 W DC-DC converter improves efficiency and reduces footprint

Murata today announced the NCS1 series of regulated single output 1 Watt DC-DC converters manufactured by Murata Power Solutions. The series comprises two input voltage versions accommodating the wide 4:1 input range of 4.5 – 18 VDC around a 12 VDC nominal, or 9 – 36 VDC around a 24 VDC nominal. Output voltage options, regulated to within +/- 0.5% of stated output, are 3.3, 5, or 12 VDC.


12 February 2014

Murata achieves IEC 60601 MOOP 3rd edition medical safety certification for 2 x4 120W Power Supply

Murata announced today that its MVAB120 series of single output 120 Watt AC-DC power supplies now complies with the third edition of the EN/UL/IEC60601 and ANSI/AAMI ES60601-1 third edition MOOP (means of operator protection) medical safety standard. With this certification, the MVAB120 series can now be used for any non-patient-contact medical application in addition to being suitable for use in networking, industrial automation, and test/measurement equipment as covered by safety standard EN/UL/IEC60950.


5 February 2014

High efficiency 12 & 20 Amp models added to Murata Okami OKL PoL series

Murata today announced two additions to its Okami OKL range of non-isolated point-of-load (PoL) DC-DC converters manufactured by Murata Power Solutions. The OKL2-T/12 and the OKL2-T/20 converters feature Murata’s innovative inspectable Land Grid Array (iLGA) package that allows ease of probing of all signal pads and visual inspection that is not possible when conventional LGA packages are used. Both models are highly efficient with conversion efficiency typically in the range of 93 - 95%. The OKL2 series suit space-constrained distributed power applications such as embedded computing, networking, and telecommunications equipment.


22 January 2014

Highly reliable encapsulated DC-DC converters for harsh environment applications with 88% efficiency

Murata today announced the SPM series of low power isolated DC-DC modules designed specifically for use in electronic equipment that will be subject to harsh environments such as outdoor communications, applications with little or no forced air cooling, smart grid and industrial process control equipment. The SPM15 series is designed for applications that require Vin ranges of 9-36V or 18-75V @ 15W. The SPM25 series covers applications that require Vin = 36-75V @ 25W.


14 January 2014

Murata launches 35A “Power Block” DC-DC converter module for FPGA and embedded applications

Murata today announced the latest addition to the OKLP range of “Power Block” products from Murata Power Solutions. In addition to the recently introduced 25A, Murata now offers the OKLP-X/35-W12-C, a 35A Power Block solution. This Power Block concept sits between a discrete Point-of-Load (PoL) design and that of a complete non-isolated buck converter module. The Power Block is essentially a non-isolated buck converter without the PWM controller. The OKLP-X/35-W12-C power block measures 25.4 x 12.7 x 11.1 mm and has a typical efficiency rating of 94%. Input voltage is a nominal 12 VDC and can accommodate the range of 7 to 13.2 VDC.


18 December 2013

Murata D1U86G AC-DC power supply achieves 92% efficiency at 50 percent full load

Murata announced today the D1U86G series of 86 mm wide, 460 Watt front end power supplies from Murata Power Solutions. The D1U86G can achieve a high minimum conversion efficiency of 92 percent at 50 percent full load. With 1U form factor, these units measure only 86.0 x 196.9 x 39.9 mm, ideal for length-limited applications and mid-plane design architectures. The unit’s high efficiency significantly lowers the host system cooling requirements and also contributes to power savings in customer applications. The D1U86G series comprises two models, both providing a + 12 VDC 460 Watt output with either “back to front” or “front to back” direction of airflow . The power factor corrected D1U86G series accommodates the universal AC input range from 90 to 264 VAC. Forced air cooling is provided by an internal variable speed fan. The series features a 0 to 50 degrees C operating temperature range, without any derating due to line input or temperature.


16 December 2013

Murata MEF1 regulated DC-DC converter provides 3 kVDC isolation suits industrial automation applications

Murata today announced the MEF1 series of 1 Watt regulated DC-DC converters from Murata Power Solutions. Suitable for use in industrial, automation and instrumentation applications, these tightly regulated single output converters, rated to better than 1% of nominal output voltage, are packaged in a fully encapsulated single-in-line through-hole format occupying less than 1.17 cm squared footprint.


27 November 2013

Murata extends automotive qualified MLCC lineup with addition of AEC-Q200 and ISO7637-2 parts

Murata today announced two new additions to its line-up of AEC-Q200 qualified multi layer ceramic capacitors (MLCC) aimed at automotive applications. The RCE and RHE series are radial leaded MLCCs that fully conform to the automotive environmental stress test requirement AEC-Q200 and conducted surge pulse immunity specification ISO7637-2.


20 November 2013

Murata adopts Powervation’s Digital Control Architecture for latest 25A PoL DC-DC converter

Murata today announced the first in a series of Point-of- Load (PoL) non-isolated DC-DC converters based on the Digital Control Architecture from Powervation. The DOSA compatible OKLF 25A PoL has been designed to address the industry’s growing requirement for low voltages (1.25V and less), increased current and power densities, fast transient response times and the need for a tightly regulated DC output voltage. The OKLF 25A PoL is ideal for powering the latest FPGAs and ASICs used in networking, telecommunications and computing applications.


6 November 2013

Murata launches 94% Platinum efficiency 1200 Watt power supply in 54mm form factor

Murata, a market-leading supplier of power products, announced today the D1U54P series of 54mm wide 1200 Watt front end power supplies from Murata Power Solutions. With industry leading efficiency of greater than 94% and a power density in excess of 28 Watts per cubic inch, these low profile units measure only 54.5 x 321.5 x 40 mm and fit the industry standard 1U package format. This high efficiency significantly lowers the cooling requirements and also contributes to power savings in customer applications. Additionally, the design offers at least 8% more power than leading competitors in the same form factor. The D1U54P series comprises two models, both providing a + 12 VDC 1200 Watt output and an auxiliary +5 VDC 15 Watt output. The power factor corrected D1U54P series accommodates the universal AC input range from 90 to 264 VAC. Forced air cooling is provided by an internal variable-speed fan. The series features a 0 to 60 degrees C operating temperature range.


31 October 2013

Murata launches Power Block modules to address demand for increasing power densities in networking applications

Murata today introduced the first in a series of Power Blocks designed to provide the power system architect with an alternative design approach for non- isolated DC-DC conversion. This concept, developed by Murata Power Solutions to meet the growing demand for increased power densities, sits between a discrete point-of-load (PoL) design and that of a complete non-isolated PoL converter module. The power block is essentially a non-isolated buck converter without the PWM controller.


8 October 2013

Analog MEMS accelerometer suits engine anti-vibration and electrically controlled suspension applications

Murata today announced the SCA720 series of analog MEMS accelerometers aimed specifically at electrically controlled suspension and engine anti-vibration applications. Measuring only 7.0 x 8.6 z 3.3 mm and constructed from a single crystal silicon, the sensor is mechanically robust and has no deformation up to 70 000g. The accelerometer’s 3D structure employs capacitive sensing techniques that give it extremely sensitive measurement characteristics and excellent offset stability. Internal inert gas damping of the MEMS sensing element provides a mechanical low-pass filter that cuts off above 115 Hz and provide a good stable amplitude output and noise filtering. 


2 October 2013

Murata’s high efficiency DC-DC converter targets medium power multi-channel microcell transceivers

Murata today announced the Murata Power Solutions PAE series of high efficiency 100 Watt DC-DC converters. The series has been designed specifically for use with multi-channel power amplifiers such as those found in the latest generation of microcell wireless transceivers.


30 September 2013

Murata commercializes crystal unit for wearable electronics and computing

Murata today announced it would commence commercial production of its XRCGD crystal unit in October 2013. With a frequency precision of +/- 20ppm, the crystal is able to support the stringent frequency tolerances required for wireless communications such as Wi-Fi,Bluetooth® and Radio Frequency / Base Band. The crystal unit is aimed at consumer electronic devices that are worn by a person and include some type of computing and wireless communication features.


27 September 2013

Murata launches ultra compact crystal unit for automotive applications

Murata today announced line-up additions to its XRC family of hybrid crystal timing device specifically for automotive applications. The new products are approximately 40% smaller than the industry norm and measure just 2.5 x 2.0 mm.


25 September 2013

Murata to start mass production of 200 Watt non-isolated DC-DC converter for Terra Motor’s new A4000i electric scooter

Murata today announced that they will shortly commence mass production of a dual output non-isolated DC-DC converter designed specifically for electric scooter applications. The high efficiency 200 Watt MPD7K046 converter accepts an input voltage in the range of +36 to + 60 VDC around a nominal +48 VDC. The primary output provides +12 VDC at a continuous rating of 10 A, and up to 18 A peak current. The secondary output delivers a +5 VDC / 1 A supply that suits logic rails and as a USB supply. Energy efficiency is typically 95%.


23 September 2013

Murata’s MAGICSTRAP® Receives Green IT Award

Murata MAGICSTRAP®, Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.’s key device for use in RFIDs (electronic tags) applications, has received the Chairman’s Award at the 2013 Green IT Awards hosted by the Green IT Committee (formerly the Green IT Promotion Council) of JEITA (Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association).


19 September 2013

Murata shrinks 1 W DC-DC converter size by 26%

Murata today announced the MEU1 series of ultra miniature single isolated output 1 Watt DC-DC converters from Murata Power Solutions. Measuring just 8.30 x 6.10 x 7.55 mm, this new series achieves a 26% footprint reduction when compared to previously released products. Available as through-hole mounting with staggered style pinouts, the MEU1 achieves a 25% increase in power density and can deliver its output power over the whole temperature range of – 40 degrees C to +85 degrees C. The reduction in converter volume and footprint allows engineers to reduce the overall dimensions of their application, which is critical for space-constrained designs.


12 September 2013

Murata introduces world’s smallest Bluetooth Smart wireless module

Murata today announced the LBCA series of ultra compact and ultra low power consumption Bluetooth Smart modules. Measuring only 5.4 x 4.4 mm (LBCA2BZZFZ without antenna), these surface mount devices are a quarter of the size of previous models and are aimed at the increasingly wide range of wearable devices, especially wristband-type applications, such as fitness monitoring, smart watches and remote controllers. Conforming to the Bluetooth 4.0 low energy protocol, the modules are available both with (LBCA2HNZYZ) or without a built-in antenna (LBCA2BZZFZ)).


9 September 2013

High Reliability electrical double-layer capacitors from Murata deliver advanced solution to design engineers

Murata today announced the launch of its DMT series, one of the most reliable electrical double-layer capacitors (EDLC) available on the market today. The solution offers superior long-term, high temperature reliability (five years at 70°C), a maximum operating temperature of 85°C, low resistance (130m? of high-current, high-output charging and discharging), a nominal capacitance range of 470mF, and an innovative design that enables high voltage handling (4.2V). Measuring 14x21mm with a thickness of just 3.5mm, the DMT series is ideally suited for applications such as solid state drive (SSD) and communication system backup, power assistance for smart meters, and energy-harvesting devices.


28 August 2013

True RMS self-powered AC voltmeter fits 30.5 mm / 1.20 inch panel cutout

Murata today announced the DMR20-1-ACV “nanometer” self-powered four-digit bright LED voltmeter. This line powered AC voltmeter can measure the true RMS value of its input from 85 to 264 VAC to within 0.1 V resolution. Designed to be completely self-contained, the low cost two-wire voltmeter requires no additional components or connections apart from the AC voltage it is measuring. It is capable of accurately measuring quasi-sine AC source such as modified, modified 2-step and modified 3-step sine wave in addition to conventional sine, triangle and square wave inputs.


21 August 2013

40 W and 65 W convection cooled AC-DC power supplies comply with 3rd edition medical safety standard

Murata announces today the MVAD040 and MVAD065 open frame, convection cooled AC-DC power supplies. 


21 August 2013

Murata to move its European Headquarters into new premises in Hoofddorp on the outskirts of Amsterdam

Murata is delighted to announce the signing of an agreement that will provide it with new offices for its European Headquarters in Hoofddorp from the start of 2014. Located just 15km from the center of Amsterdam, the new building will also accommodate the Murata Netherlands sales operations. It is also close to Hoofddorp railway station, which is only one stop away from Schiphol Airport.


1 August 2013

Murata helps manufacturers improve production efficiencies with narrow pitch tape MLCCs

Murata today announced the mass production of EIA 0805 2.0 x 1.25 mm size monolithic ceramic capacitors using a 2 mm spacing of narrow pitch embossed tape. Compared to the previous 4 mm tape pitch that held 10,000 pieces, the new tape holds double the quantity not only being more eco-friendly, but also requiring less reel changes on the pick and place assembly machine. 


31 July 2013

12 Watt DC-DC converter offers 4:1 wide input range and tight line regulation

Murata today announced the NCS12 series of compact, encapsulated, metal-cased 12 Watt DC-DC converters developed by Murata Power Solutions. Accommodating a 4:1 wide input voltage range, these single and dual output isolated converters are available in 9 – 36 VDC or 18 – 75 VDC input voltage models. Single output models cater for the popular nominal output voltages from 3.3 to 15 VDC. Duals are available with either +/- 5, +/- 12 or +/- 15 VDC outputs. 


11 July 2013

Ultra compact 01005 (EIA) inductor with world’s highest Q now in mass production

Murata today announced the mass production of the LQP02TQ series of miniature 01005 (EIA) (0.4 x 0.2mm) film-type surface mount inductors designed for high frequency smartphone applications. Believed to have the highest Q-value of any other 01005 (EIA) -packaged inductor, the Q characteristics at 2.4 GHz are up to 30% higher than other products on the market.


25 June 2013

Murata launches wireless LAN and Bluetooth® transceiver modules using TI WiLink™ 8.0 ICs

Murata today announced the LBEP series of wireless modules providing wireless LAN, Bluetooth® and Bluetooth low energy (BLE) connectivity. Based around the WiLink™ 8.0 solutions from Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI), the miniature modules measure just 8.8 x 9.9 x 1.3 mm and offer a complete low cost, highly integrated approach to providing wireless connectivity to a wide range of consumer, industrial and commercial applications. The modules include an integrated crystal and require no additional external components. Host connectivity, antenna and power are the only connections required. A slow clock input can be used to support a deep sleep mode.


19 June 2013

Compact self-powered DC panel mount voltmeter suits battery monitoring

Murata today announced the compact DMR20-10-DCM “nanoMeter” self-powered auto-ranging DC voltmeter designed for mounting in an industry-standard “oiltight” 30 and 30.5 mm / 1.2 inch round panel cutout. Occupying minimal space, the round voltmeter has a 7.6mm / 0.3 inch four-digit LED display and is self-powered. Connection to the + 6 to + 75 VDC supply to be monitored is all that is required for full operation. No additional components or separate power supply is required for the DMR20, making it extremely easy to add into virtually any equipment using a DC supply or batteries.


12 June 2013

EMerge Alliance Welcomes Murata Power Solutions

Murata Power Solutions announced today it has been accepted as a member of the EMerge Alliance. The EMerge Alliance is a global open industry association with the aim of developing standards for the rapid adoption of DC power distribution within commercial buildings. Two standards have already been issued, the EMerge Alliance Occupied Space Standard and the EMerge Alliance Data/Telecom Centre Standard. The standards aim to assist commercial property owners and equipment suppliers to achieve reduced energy usage, better building design and space flexibility, and improved building sustainability.


5 June 2013

Sub-GHz LTCC filter from Murata supports TI CC112x transceiver series

Murata today announced the LFD21 dual matching filter designed specifically for sub-1 GHz wireless applications using the CC112x series of low power transceivers from Texas Instruments.


4 June 2013

Murata adds MLCCs with guaranteed operating temperatures of 105°C and 125°C

Murata today announced that they have commercialized the world's first 0402-size (1005-size metric 1.0 x 0.5mm) 1µF monolithic ceramic capacitor with a guaranteed operating temperature of 105°C (X6S) and a rated voltage of 25 V. In addition, Murata has also commercialized the world's first 0805-size (2012-size metric 2.0 x 1.25mm) 4.7µF monolithic ceramic capacitor with a guaranteed operating temperature of 125°C (X7S) and a rated voltage of 50 V.


29 May 2013

Compact 1 Watt DC-DC converter complies with UL60601-1 for medical safety

Murata today announced the Murata Power Solutions MEJ1 series of isolated 1 Watt DC-DC converters. Encapsulated in a 7 pin SIP package, the MEJ1 series offers basic and supplementary isolation to the internationally recognized UL60950 standard. The converter is certified to a continuous working voltage of 200 Vrms when operating in a maximum ambient temperature of + 85 degrees C. Input to output isolation is rated at 5,200 VDC for 1 second. The series also complies with the 3rd edition of medical safety standard UL60601-1 and provides the following MOOP (means of operator protection): 2 MOOP based upon a working voltage of 200 Vrms max. and 280Vpkmax., between primary and secondary and 1 MOOP based upon a working voltage of 200 Vrms max., between primary and its enclosure.


23 May 2013

Murata extends line up of ultra compact DC-DC converters

Murata today announced additions to its LXDC series of ultra compact DC-DC converters. The new devices comprise the LXDC55F and LXDC55K step down converters. Both models offer a voltage trim function that allows adjustment of the output voltage within the range of 0.8 to 5.3 VDC for the 55F and up to 3.6 VDC for the 55K converter.


22 May 2013

Murata introduces 420W PMBus compliant 1/4 brick

Murata today announced the UDQ series of isolated digitally controlled DC-DC converters developed by Murata Power Solutions. Incorporating a 32-bit ARM7 processor, the 420 Watt regulated UDQ2204/001 model is the first in a series of DC-DC converters from Murata Power Solutions to include a PMBus compatible digital interface. The UDQ series is packaged in the industry standard quarter-brick format incorporating the ABC (Advanced Bus Converter) pinout for PMBus communications to an isolated DC-DC converter. 


16 May 2013

Murata launches 39 nH inductor value in 01005 (EIA) package

Murata today announced what is believed to be the largest inductor value available within a standard ultra-miniature 01005 (EIA) package size measuring 0.4 x 0.2 x 0.2 mm. With an inductance value of 39 nH, the LQP02TN39 comprises the highest value in a series of 59 items with 0.2 nH being the lowest value available. Tolerance from the nominal inductance value is within +/- 0.1 nH for inductors up to 4.2 nH and within +/- 3% for all values above.


30 April 2013

Murata showcases new sensor innovations at Sensor + Test exhibition

Stand 12-294 SENSOR+TEST 2013 Nürnberg, May 14-16


24 April 2013

1 Watt DC-DC converter achieves 88% efficiency and has MSL 1 moisture sensitivity rating

Murata today announced the Murata Power Solutions MTE1 series of isolated 1 Watt single output DC-DC converters. Suitable for a broad range of industrial and automation applications, these highly efficient units, up to 88%, offer much better efficiency across the full load range than competitor models currently available, resulting in less waste heat to be dissipated. The MTE1 series consume less power and achieve higher reliability rates, contributing to better overall product and system reliability. The MTE1 series also has a load regulation that is typically 5% better than similar models available in the industry. Input voltage options are the 5 most popular nominal input voltages of 3.3, 5, 12, 15, or 24 VDC input. Output voltages include 3.3, 5, 9, 12, or 15 VDC. Full load capability is provided across the full industrial temperature range of -40 degrees C to +85 degrees C.


10 April 2013

Low profile surface mount power inductors suit high frequency switching applications

Murata today announced the Murata Power Solutions 3000A and 3000B series of low profile power inductors for use in noise reduction circuits of high frequency and high current switching power supplies, DC-DC converters and voltage regulator modules.


3 April 2013

Senior management promotions at Murata Europe

Murata today announced several senior management changes within their European operation. Terry Churcher, who has been President of Murata Europe for the past 8 years, has been promoted to Chairman. Glenn Palmer takes over from Terry as President, Murata Europe, a move that will see Glenn relocate from the UK to Murata’s European headquarters in Hoofddorp, The Netherlands. Glenn joined Murata in 1990 as Customer Services Manager and following several sales, marketing and management roles within Murata was appointed Executive Director responsible for European Distribution and National Accounts in Murata Europe in 2010.


2 April 2013

Murata and Beta LAYOUT offer PCB service with free embedded UHF RFID

Murata and their RFID partner Beta LAYOUT today announced the launch of a prototype trial service for their MAGICSTRAP-based PCB RFID devices. Using Murata’s MAGICSTRAP devices, Beta LAYOUT will embed the UHF RFID component for a regular prototype order of up to 50 PCBs without extra charge. This allows electronics equipment manufacturers to investigate the ease with which this PCB identification approach can be implemented.


6 March 2013

400 W quarter brick DC-DC converter from Murata designed for telecom applications

Murata today announced the availability of the RBQ series of isolated 12Vout, 400 Watt DC-DC converters from Murata Power Solutions. The RBQ-12/33-D48 model provides what are believed to be the industry’s highest efficiencies of up to 96% from a standard DOSA-compliant quarter-brick package. The RBQ-12/33-D48 is designed to operate in most applications with convection cooling. 


25 February 2013

150 W DC-DC converter suits micro cell transmitter and power amplifier applications

Murata today announced availability of the Murata Power Solutions PAQ series of 150 Watt isolated DC-DC converters. Packaged as an industry standard open-frame quarter brick module with through-hole mounting, the converter has a 2:1 input range of 36 – 75 VDC around a nominal 48 VDC input. The single 29.8 VDC nominal output can be trimmed from 23.83 (-20%) to 32.78 (+10%)VDC in order to accommodate an application’s specific voltage requirements.


21 February 2013


Murata’s innovative RFID tag - MAGICSTRAP® - integrated with Cogiscan’s TTC Middleware solution has won the 2013 New Product Introduction (NPI) Award from Circuits Assembly in the labelling equipment category. Murata’s MAGICSTRAP® series is the latest in UHF RFID tag technology designed to be placed directly on the printed circuit board. Seamlessly combined with Cogiscan’s middleware technology, it offers a complete RFID track, trace and control solution for the PCB market.


6 February 2013

Murata extends power rating of 5.2 kV isolation miniature DC/DC converters

Murata today announced the MEJ2 series of fully encapsulated compact through-hole 2 Watt DC/DC converters. Providing a pin-compatible upgrade path from Murata’s NMJ, MEV1 and NMV series, the MEJ2 2W devices are available with either single or dual outputs covering the nominal voltages of 3.3, 5, 9, 12 or 15 VDC. Input voltage variants accommodate 3.3, 5, 12 or 15 VDC.


30 January 2013

Compact dual mode Wi-Fi network controller module ideal for adding internet connectivity to home appliances

Murata today announced the SN8200 series of compact low power certified Wi-Fi controller modules capable of providing 2.4 GHz 802.11b/g/n internet connectivity to a broad host of home appliances, industrial automation machines and healthcare equipment. The self-contained module utilizes Broadcom Corporation’s Wireless Internet Connectivity for Embedded Devices (WICED) architecture to provide comprehensive firmware and software features including a built-in Wi-Fi security supplicant supporting WPA PSK and WPA2 PSK, TCP/IP network stack and a simple network interface card (SNIC) protocol that supports socket connections.


24 January 2013

Compact ozonizer module removes germs and eliminates odors in consumer and automotive accessory applications

Murata today announced the ultra compact MHM500 ozonizer module constructed on a low temperature co-fired ceramic (LTCC) element. Using a discharge electrode and a dielectric electrode within the LTCC board the ozonizer creates a stable supply of ozone, and because the electrodes are fabricated within the LTC element it offers a long life characteristic.


9 January 2013

High peak current electrical double-layer capacitors offer low ESR in small slim package

Murata introduced a high peak current electrical double-layer capacitor (EDLC) series with a profile of 2.5mm±0.2mm. The newest EDLC series from Murata also features lowest resistance (40m ohm to 60m ohm) and stable temperature characteristics, enabling it to be charged and discharged frequently over the operating range of -30°C to +70°C. Initially, the DMF EDLC series will offer 330mF and 470mF capacitance values to support various energy requirement demands. Package thickness ranges from 2.5mm±0.2mm to 3.2mm ± 0.2mm and all products in the series provide an instantaneous maximum working voltage of 5.5V.


5 December 2012

Murata launches world’s first MLCC on interposer substrate

Murata today announced mass production of the first monolithic ceramic capacitor (MLCC) on a interposer substrate. Believed to be the world’s first MLCC to have this construction technique, the ZRA series has been designed specifically to absorb mechanical vibration generated within the capacitor, typically sounding as “squealing”, when a voltage is applied to it.


3 December 2012

Establishing design centre for sub 5 Watt DC/DC converters prompts Murata Power Solutions to move UK office

Murata today announced that Murata Power Solutions’ UK operations have moved to a new facility within Milton Keynes. With an increasing focus on building a centre of design excellence for low power DC/DC converters, the company is keen to attract power design engineers to join them. The previous site suited manufacturing and distribution operations that no longer take place in Milton Keynes, so the search was conducted within the local area to locate a facility that better met the requirements of a design and prototype manufacturing operation.


29 November 2012

Murata introduces 93.5% efficient 450 Watt baseplate cooled DC/DC converter series packaged in DOSA half-brick format

Murata today announced the Murata Power Solutions PAH series of compact high efficiency medium-power DC/DC converters. Capable of delivering up to 450 Watt output these compact modules, measuring just 58 x 61 x 12.7 mm, comply with the DOSA half-brick industry standard footprint. Ideally suited for power amplifier, wireless networks and other telecom applications, the PAH series mechanical design incorporates a baseplate that provides conduction cooling for demanding thermal environments found in outdoor sealed box applications and telecommunications equipment cabinets.


21 November 2012

Murata commences mass production of the world’s first 270 nH 0603 (EIA 0201) size chip inductor

Murata today announced what is believed to be the world’s first 270 nH chip inductor available in a 0603 (EIA 0201) sized package measuring 0.6 x 0.3 x 0.3 mm. Extending the LQP series line-up of ultra compact high frequency inductors that previously were available from 0.6 to 120 nH, the LQP03TN-02 series now adds inductance values from 150 to 270 nH.


13 November 2012

Murata extends line-up of high permissive current capacitor series aimed at automotive applications

Murata today announced line-up additions to its EVC series of high permissive current capacitors aimed at automotive applications. Three new multilayer monolithic ceramic capacitors products have been designed for the power electronics market. These surface mounting capacitors, measuring 16 x 20 mm and having an EIA U2J temperature characteristic offering an operating temperature range from -55 degrees C to +125 degrees C. An absolute maximum case temperature of +150 degrees C is permitted for a short duration.


13 November 2012

Murata launches highly efficient 100 Watt DC/DC converter in 1/16th package

Murata today announced the ULS series of 100 Watt fully regulated DC/DC converters designed for use in distributed or intermediate bus power architectures. Delivering up to 100 W from an industry standard 1/16th brick package opens new design opportunities for power engineers needing to maximize power density where board space and efficiency are top priorities.


8 November 2012

NXP and Murata collaborate to deliver dual interface RFID solution

NXP Semiconductors N.V. (NASDAQ: NXPI) and Murata today announced a new addition to the Murata MAGICSTRAP® RFID module family incorporating NXP’s UCODE I2C technology. In addition to delivering state-of-the-art RF performance, the bridge mode of the UCODE I2C chip uniquely enables a wireless communication link between the application processor and the UHF reader, enabling bidirectional and unlimited data transfer. The module provides consumer electronics products and white goods with both a consistent ID and the ability to perform zero-power configuration at any point in the value chain.


7 November 2012

Murata launches one of the world’s smallest HF-band RFID tags

Murata today announced one of the world’s smallest HF-band RFID tags. Operating in the 13.56 MHz band also used by contactless IC cards, the LXMS33HCNG-134 tag measures just 3.2 x 3.2 x 0.7 mm. Compliant with ISO 15693 standard, the tag can be used with any reader / writer that conforms to the same standard. The tag is suitable for use in most operating environments including high temperature and high humidity so it suits a wide range of appliance and object tracking, certification and authentication applications.


31 October 2012

Murata introduces 3" x 5" 250 W and 400 W AC-DC power supplies with medical approvals; convection-cooled operation up to 250 W

Murata today announced the MVAC series of highly efficient, typically up to 94%, 3 x 5” open frame AC-DC power supplies from Murata Power Solutions. Suitable for use in a wide variety of industrial factory automation, communications and medical equipment, the series comprises two single output models, the 250 Watt MVAC250 and the 400 Watt MVAC400 units. Both models accommodate the universal AC input voltage range from 90 to 264 VAC with active power factor correction (PFC) and active inrush control. Each model is available with a popular nominal output voltage of 12, 24 or 50 VDC. In addition, a 12 VDC 1 A fan supply and an auxiliary 5 VDC 2 A output are provided across the range.


24 October 2012

Wireless modules provide five connectivity standards within a miniature single package

Murata today announced the LBEL6Z2TXC wireless combination module aimed at automotive applications and utilizing an AEC-Q100 compliant chipset. Providing support for wireless LAN, Bluetooth, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) communications in addition to providing an FM radio receiver and GPS receiver the module measure just 24.6 x 18.0 x 3.0 mm. The WLAN feature is IEEE 802.11 b, g and n compliant and also supports WiFi Direct. Bluetooth 4.0 class 2 compliant support and H4 protocol is standard. By combining the five wireless functions into a single package allow designers to simplify their end-designs, save valuable board space in addition to easing the burden of procurement when compared to having to select multiple modules from other suppliers. Also compared to considering developing their own wireless designs, the use of the LBEL6Z2TXC speeds time to market since the modules are pre-qualified removing the need to time consuming design testing and evaluation.


23 October 2012

Murata introduces 15 W DC/DC converter with 16 – 160 VDC input range

Murata today announced the Murata Power Solutions RUW15 series of 15 W ultra wide single output isolated DC/DC converters aimed at transport and industrial applications where the input voltage may vary widely and a hold-up capability is required.


18 October 2012

Ultra wide 8:1 input range DC-DC converter designed for railway applications

Murata today launched the UCR100 series of DC-DC converters from Murata Power Solutions designed specifically for railway power conversion and battery applications. Accommodating an ultra wide 8:1 input range, from 16.8 to 137.5 VDC, the UCR100 series comprises 3 single output models providing 5, 12, or 24 VDC outputs. Additional model-specific options include current share, holdup and an adjustable undervoltage lockout feature.


10 October 2012

1.5A miniature SIP Addition to Okami Range of POL DC-DC converter

Murata has added a miniature 1.5A SIP model to the Murata Power Solutions OKR family of non-isolated point-of-load converters. The OKR-T/1.5-W12-C provides an ideal solution for designs that require low load current with limited board space. In addition, this SIP packaged, through-hole mounted miniature device combines a wide input voltage range with programmable output voltage to give engineers a high degree of flexibility in their designs.


5 October 2012

Murata showcases “Contains Murata Innovation” theme at Electronica

Electronica - Hall B5 – Stand 107 - 13th – 16th November 2012


2 October 2012

Murata announces world’s first chip common mode choke coils for SATA Gen 2/Gen 3 interfaces

Murata today announced the mass production of the world’s first SATA Gen 2 / Gen 3 compatible common mode choke coils. Available in ultra compact 0806 and 0605 sizes, the DLP series are designed for use in Serial Advanced Technology Attachment-based (SATA) high-speed differential interfaces that are commonly used for high-speed mass storage hard disk drives found in computers, video recording equipment and solid state drives.


26 September 2012

Eighth-brick 240 Watt DC-DC converter achieves 94.5% efficiency

Murata today announced the RBE series of fully isolated DC-DC converters. These Murata Power Solutions products are designed for a broad range of applications including 12 VDC intermediate bus architectures or distributed power-based applications used in servers, wireless base-stations, data storage, telecom switches and networking equipment. The RBE-12/20-D48 model will deliver a regulated 12V output @ 240 Watts from a nominal 48 VDC input. With an efficiency of 94.5%, most applications with forced air cooling will not require an external heat sink. For applications where there is no forced air cooling or the operating temperature range is high, an optional baseplate is available that will allow for attaching a heat sink. The RBE DC-DC converter has been designed to meet the requirements of the Distributed power Open Standards Alliance (DOSA) eighth-brick configuration measuring 58.42 x 22.86 x 10.16 mm (2.3 x 0.9 x 0.4 inches).


20 September 2012

Highly sensitive thermistor aimed at battery pack and power supply temperature detection

Murata today announced the highly accurate NXRT series of radial-leaded NTC thermistors. Utilizing Murata’s highly accurate NCP15 series chip thermistor within an epoxy resin, the NXRT series is available with the nominal resistance values of 2 k, 10 k, 33 k, 47 k or 100 k ohm at 25 degrees C. Nominal resistance accuracy is typically in the range of +/- 1 % to 5 %. Measurement sensitivity is believed to be the best available within the industry. At +50 degrees C the temperature detection sensitivity deviation is within +/- 0.6 degrees C, and is within +/- 1.4 degrees C at 100 degrees C.


17 September 2012

Isolated 1 W DC-DC converter offers tight load regulation and improved efficiency

Murata today announced the Murata Power Solutions MEE1 series, a 1 Watt single output PCB mounted DC-DC converter designed for a broad range of industrial, automation and instrumentation applications that require an isolated low-power distributed supply. These highly efficient converters, up to 86% efficient, are available in a variety of models accommodating the popular nominal input voltages of 3.3, 5, 12, 15, or 24 VDC and with output voltages of 3.3, 5, 9, 12 or 15 VDC. 


13 September 2012

Surface mount safety capacitor targets automotive applications

Murata today announced what is believed to be the world’s first SMD safety “Y2” capacitor designed for automotive applications. Approval to the internationally recognized standard for safety capacitors, IEC 60384-14 that stipulates protection from electrical shock and risk of fire is pending. With the growing demand for electric (EV) and hybrid electric vehicles (HEV), the KCA series of capacitors are ideal as part of an AC power line filter in a battery charger or as a DC line filter of a DC-DC converter/inverter unit.


26 July 2012

162 W 54 Vout half-brick power module suits PoE applications

Murata today announced the EMH-54/3-Q48N-C power module designed specifically for Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) applications. The Murata Power Solutions EMH Series DC-DC power module provides a 54 V SELV output, 2250 VDC isolation and a Basic insulation system meeting the requirements for multiport IEEE 802.3at (PoE+) applications. The EMH-54/3-Q48N-C can deliver 30+ watts of power at 54 V to each of four PoE+ Ethernet ports or can deliver up to 162 watts to loads requiring 54 V. 


26 June 2012

Compact ultra low power Bluetooth Low Energy module includes chip antenna

Murata today announced the mass production of the LBCA2ZZVZE Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) wireless module that includes a chip antenna and all the Bluetooth protocol stacks required for low-energy communication. Designed for a broad range of consumer electronics the module also benefits from healthcare protocol profiles being included in the stacks. 


13 June 2012

Murata gains Supplier of the Year 2011 award from ENICS

Murata today announced that it has received the Supplier of the Year 2011 award from electronics manufacturing services company ENICS. The award was made at the recent ENICS Fair in Zurich where customers, suppliers and ENICS’ top management gave presentations and debated topics relating to global megatrends affecting the electronics manufacturing industry.


28 May 2012

Murata Power Solutions extends point-of-load series to include 3 A and 5 A SIP packages

Murata Power Solutions today announced the OKX series of miniature non-isolated single output DC/DC converters designed for embedded point-of-load (PoL) applications. Within the OKAMI OKX series there are 4 models that provide 3 A or 5 A outputs with either 5 V or 12 V nominal inputs. Complementing the existing OKY range of surface mounted PoL converters available from Murata Power Solutions, the new OKX-T/3 and OKX-T/5 series additions are packaged in a popular space-saving 5-pin single-in-line package (SIP). Design engineers now have a choice of package format depending on available board space and application requirements. 


7 March 2012

Murata expands the line-up of micro DC-DC converters aimed at small portable devices

Murata today announced additions to its LXDC series of ultra compact DC-DC converters that are aimed at a broad range of mobile consumer electronics such as smartphones.  The new devices, comprising the LXDC55B step-down and LXDC44A step-up models complement the existing LXDC2UR and LXDC3EP devices.


24 February 2012

Murata launches ultra low-profile surface mount 2.4 kHz piezo sounders

Murata today announced the expansion of its PKLCS family with two new 2.4 kHz SMD piezoelectric sounders aimed at white goods, portable, industrial, and automotive applications. Both the consumer part PKLCS1212E2400-R1 and the automotive/industrial part PKLCS1212E24A0-R1 are available in low profile surface mount packages. They have a 5dB increase in sound pressure level compared to previous Murata devices, and are fully reflow solder compatible. They are ideally suited for applications that need to minimize the use of leaded components or have all components be low profile.


8 February 2012

Murata’s collaboration with Beta LAYOUT delivers comprehensive UHF Passive RFID starter kit

Murata and Beta LAYOUT, a company specializing in rapid PCB prototyping services, today announced the launch of an RFID starter kit based on Murata’s MAGICSTRAP® UHF passive RFID devices. Aimed at engineers and developers wishing to quickly learn about and incorporate RFID into their electronics design, the kit comprises a reader/writer board, communication software, two reader antennas and four different kinds of MAGICSTRAP® RFID tag modules. One reader antenna is designed for standard applications where the detection range is up to several metres. The loop antenna is provided for use in hidden applications such as for anti-counterfeiting and brand protection. Using the kit allows engineers to trial the full versatility and flexibility of MAGICSTRAP® RFID devices. Communication over short distances for individual tag connections can be experienced as well as bulk reading of MAGICSTRAP® based PCB tags as necessary in logistics processes. Typical applications for MAGICSTRAP® RFID include any type of electronics application such as mobile phones, industrial control, consumer electronics and test & measurement equipment.


31 January 2012

Murata completes the purchase of VTI Technology

Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (TOKYO: 6981) (ISIN: JP3914400001) announced it has completed the acquisition of VTI Technologies Oy (Head office: Vantaa, Finland, hereinafter “VTI”) by Murata Electronics Europe B.V., a full subsidiary of Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. on January 31st.


27 January 2012

Murata showcases innovation in electronics at CeBIT 2012

Hall 5, Stand D50 - CeBIT 2012, 6 – 10th March 2012 - Murata today announced their participation at CeBIT 2012, Hannover Messe, Germany, 6 – 10th March 2012 with stand demonstrations showcasing Murata innovations in everyday consumer electronics, healthcare technologies and energy efficiency.


11 January 2012

Murata introduces world's first and smallest 01005-size Hi-Q MLCC

Murata today announced the GJM02 series of monolithic ceramic chip capacitors (MLCC) specifically designed for use in high frequency module applications such as for coupling in power amplifiers of cellular phone handsets. Believed to be the world’s first 01005 size (EIA) Hi Q type MLCC, this miniature capacitor measures just 0.4 x 0.2 mm and has both high ‘Q’ and low equivalent serial resistance (ESR) characteristics. Having a high Q value and low ESR is essential for use in VHF, UHF and microwave power amplifier. Together they contribute to improving power amplifier efficiency and lowering power consumption. 


14 December 2011

Murata targets automotive markets with launch of chip monolithic ceramic capacitors with metal terminals

Murata today announced the KCM series of chip monolithic ceramic capacitors (MLCC) aimed at automotive applications. Equipped with metal pins, the capacitors have been specifically designed to have long-term resilience against substrate expansion and contraction stresses resulting from sharp temperature changes experienced in automotive environments. Also, the KCM/KC3 series offer higher reliability characteristics compared to discrete capacitor elements since they are able to withstand high levels of vibration and mechanical impact associated with such designs. The KCM series suit a wide range of automotive electronic systems, such as DC-DC converters in engine control units (ECU), in conventional automobiles as well as for the growing market for electric (EV) and hybrid electric vehicles (HEV).The series comprises capacitors with nominal operating voltages from 25 to 100 VDC, and with values in the range 4.7 to 22 uF. Measuring 6.1 x 5.3 mm, and with height varying from 2.8 to 6.4 mm dependent on value, these compact capacitors require less board space and have been achieved by stacking capacitive elements.


9 December 2011

World’s smallest and low-profile high pressure air pump with piezoelectric technology

Murata today announced the MZB1001 microblower, a miniature piezoelectric air pump designed for a wide range of household consumer products.  Measuring just 20 x 20 x 1.85 mm (excluding nozzle), the MZB1001 microblower is believed to be the smallest air pump in the market. Using a piezoelectric diaphragm, which vibrates up and down when a sine wave voltage is applied, the vibrations force air into the microblower and out through a nozzle on the top of the device. The microblower can produce typical airflow rates of up to 0.8 litres per minute and typical air pressure up to 1.5 kPa when driven by a 15 Vp-p 25 kHz signal. The piezoelectric diaphragm has been optimized for operation above the normal audible range and is typically driven by a 24 – 25 kHz signal.


1 December 2011

Avnet Abacus signs Pan-Euro deal with Murata for Components

Murata has announced it has signed a Pan-European franchise agreement with Avnet Abacus, one of Europe’s leading interconnect, passive, electromechanical and power distributors. Covering Murata’s range of innovative passive products, the agreement builds on a 20-year relationship between the two companies. Previously, Avnet Abacus has covered selected European territories for Murata passives and has held a Pan-European agreement for the company’s power solutions products.  This extended agreement further enhances Avnet Abacus’ position as a leading distributor of Murata products. 


24 November 2011

Murata launches combined SAW filter, power amplifier and magnetic stabilizer module for mobile phone applications

Murata today announced the HFQPRAPCA series of RF wireless modules designed specifically for mobile phone applications and comprising a SAW filter, power amplifier and magnetic stabilizer. Believed to be the world’s first module to combine the three components as a single package, it measures just 6.6 x 3.8 x 1.0 mm and aids cellular phone engineers achieve a more integrated and compact design. The magnetic stabilizer, that provides the same function as an isolator, aids the modules ability to be very stable under fluctuating load conditions. Its load-resistant element is a magnet used as an isolator. It controls the characteristics of load fluctuation caused by changes in impedance that can occur when the user’s hand, metal object or other materials come close to the antenna.With the growing numbers of frequency bands supporting 3G networks, mobile phone manufacturers have found it increasingly difficult to achieve a compact design. Murata Manufacturing designed the single package module to meet the designer’s need for a compact integrated module that does not need matching.The HFQPRAPCA series is available to support the following bands; Band 5 (BC0), Band 1 (BC6), Band 25 (BC14) and Band 13. Further frequency bands will be supported in the future.


9 November 2011

Murata tightens PTC thermistor tolerance for overheat detection applications

Murata announced today the availability of the PRF15 series of miniature positive temperature coefficient (PTC) thermistor designed specifically for overheating detection applications in a broad range of consumer electronics devices. Believed to have the industry’s tightest temperature tolerance of +/- 3 degrees C, the series lineup comprises devices with detection temperatures in the range of +80 degrees C to +150 degrees C in 10 degree C steps. Across the series the thermistor resistance at +25 degrees C is 1 k ohm, with preferred detection points occurring at 10 k ohm and 100 k ohm values. For example, the PRF15AR102RB6RC part detects +135 degrees C at 10 k ohm and +150 degrees C at 100 k ohm. Maximum voltage is 32 VDC.


3 November 2011

Murata extends partnership with Arrow Electronics across Europe

Murata announced today that it has extended its distribution agreement with Arrow Electronics. Already a strong partner for Murata over many years, the new contract expands the geographical reach to include a number of new countries.Gary Atkins - Director of Murata's European Distribution business commented, “With the many changes in Murata's distribution network and the integration of Murata Power Solutions, where New Horizons were already appointed on a European basis, it is now the perfect time to fully align our companies with all products into all territories. This decision will allow Arrow Electronics to further enhance its Murata product promotions to a wider customer base, and to offer all possible technology solutions.”Dean Hassell, VP Pemco, Arrow EMEA comments, “By broadening its areas of cooperation with Arrow, Murata will be able to benefit from Arrow’s unrivalled scale and breadth in EMEA. This includes access to Arrow’s full European technical and field sales resources together with our extensive customer base. All our customers across EMEA will now have access to Murata’s portfolio via their existing dedicated Arrow customer support team.” 


26 October 2011

Murata launches miniature common mode choke for MIPI interfaces in 0202 package

Murata today announced the DLP0QSN series of common mode choke coils aimed at new cellular smart phones and tablet PC applications that employ the internal MIPI serial data interface in additional to traditional high speed differential transmission standards such as USB 2.0, MHL and HDMI.


12 October 2011

Murata launches world’s smallest 2.4 GHz balanced output filter for Texas Instruments wireless connectivity solutions

Murata today announced the LFB182G45BG2D280 balanced output matching filter, aimed at a broad range of 2.4 GHz wireless applications using ZigBee® and Bluetooth® low energy technologies. The new filter has been designed specifically for use with wireless connectivity system-on-chips (SoCs) from Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI), the CC253x and CC254x for ZigBee and Bluetooth technology networking respectively. Believed to be the world’s smallest filter available, Murata’s solution measures just 1.6 x 0.8 mm and incorporates all the necessary RF circuitry of a matching network, balun and filter within a single package. This tiny six-pin space saving device ensures board space, BOM count and engineering effort is kept to a minimum. Compared with a traditional inductor and capacitor design, the LFB module replaces 9 discrete 0402 components.


22 September 2011

Murata launches low cost series of surface mount rotary position sensors aimed at consumer and automotive applications

Murata today announced the mass production of the SV03 series of low profile surface mount rotary position sensors. Measuring just 11 x 12 x 2.1 mm and weighing only 0.4 g, these compact sensors are idea for use in a broad range of consumer electronics appliance and are also suited to automotive applications. By detecting the angle of rotation of a switch the sensors provide a cost effective rotary switch and feedback sensor. An example application is as an airflow adjustment switch within a domestic air conditioning unit.


14 September 2011

Murata Develops Front End Modules for Wi-Fi® and Bluetooth® Applications

Murata today announced the launch of its latest frontend modules for Wi-Fi® and Bluetooth® applications. Murata’s Microwave Monolithic Integrated Devices (MMID®) integrate the company’s power amplifier, low noise amplifier and switching product into single packages for both the 2.45GHz and 5GHz bands (respectively numbered MDFE2PFA-022 and MDFE2PFA-023). The modules can be combined with a highly integrated, single chip radio – such as the Broadcom BCM4330 chipset – to provide a connectivity solution for the cellular phone, portable device, and person computer markets.


8 August 2011

Murata celebrates “hat-trick” of triple awards from TTI including European Supplier Excellence Award for 5th consecutive year

Murata announced today it has been awarded a Platinum level Supplier Excellence Award for 2010 from TTI. This achievement, the highest possible award within TTI’s European supplier performance measurement, marks the fifth consecutive year that it has been presented to Murata. In addition, Murata has the distinction of being awarded the Diamond Award as the supplier who earned the greatest number of special recognition points in 2010. Murata also received the Best Quality Award in recognition of achieving the highest scores across all quality categories.Glyn Dennehy, Senior VP & General Manager, TTI Europe comments, “Achievement of these awards not only represents the dedication of all Murata employees to TTI, but also management’s commitment and overall operating philosophy to strive for excellence. Our most sincere thanks to all employees of Murata for making this achievement possible.”“On behalf of everyone at Murata, I would like to say a big thank you to the TTI team for another fantastic year of strong business growth.” Comments Gary Atkins, Managing Director - European Distribution, Murata Europe.“Both companies have worked very hard to maintain the highest level of success. TTI have increased their focus on new products, expanded their customer base, invested in a wider and deeper range of inventory, and implemented many new initiatives that have continued to take our partnership to a new level. In previous years we have been very pleased and honored to win their supplier award, but to scoop up three new awards this year, and to achieve the status of top supplier for five consecutive years takes a major commitment from all concerned. This drive and business partnership is now deeply rooted into our business culture, and has become the normal way of working at all levels on a daily basis. Therefore, we have in place a very strong platform for continued success and partnership.”Photo caption: Left to Right, L-R Stefano Piccolo- General Manager TTI ItalyFelix Corbett- Director Supplier Marketing Europe TTIMarc Winfield – Regional VP Sales TTIJörg Frodl – Director Product Marketing Europe, TTIMarkus Brunhirl - Sales Engineer Murata EuropeGary Atkins - Managing Director European Distribution Murata EuropeThomas Altmann - Distribution Manager Murata EuropeGlenn Palmer - Managing Director European Distribution and National Accounts, Murata Europe, Terry Churcher - President, Murata Europe, Middle East & AfricaGeoff Breed – VP Marketing Europe TTIGlyn Dennehy – Senior Vice President & General Manager Europe TTIJamie Furness  - General Manager TTI UK, Ireland & South Africa.


29 July 2011

Renesas Electronics to transfer high-power amplifier business to Murata Manufacturing

Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd., the world’s number one supplier of passive electronic components, and Renesas Electronics Corporation a premier supplier of advanced semiconductor solutions, today announced that they signed a basic agreement to transfer Renesas Electronics’ high-power amplifier (HPA) business and its manufacturing site, the Nagano Device Division (Komoro, Nagano) of Renesas Eastern Japan Semiconductor, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Renesas Electronics, to Murata Manufacturing. Based on the basic agreement signed today, the companies plan to conclude a definitive agreement of this business transfer, which is scheduled to be completed by January 1, 2012.


28 July 2011

High reliability metal terminal capacitors from Murata achieve major acoustic noise reduction and are immune to PCB flexure

Hoofddorp, Netherlands: Murata has developed a series of MLCCs with a unique external metal terminal design which reduces problems associated with mounting larger size MLCCs, including acoustic noise production and cracks caused by flexing the PCB. The construction of this series, the KRM series, also allows two capacitors to be mounted on top of each other, doubling the effective capacitance to achieve very high capacitance values inside small footprints. Additionally, this series outperformed traditional MLCCs in heat shock cycle tests.


14 July 2011

Murata expands range of AMR sensors to include horizontal and vertical sensing

Murata today announced the launch of the AS-M and AS-V series of anisotropic magneto resistance (AMR) sensors. This detection technique provides a non-contact magnetic sensor of high sensitivity for use in a relatively low magnetic field. These extremely small devices, the smallest measuring just 1.2 x 1.2 x 0.37 mm, can detect a magnetic field in either a horizontal or vertical direction. Compared to traditional magnetic switch components, such as a reed switch or Hall effect IC, AMR sensors have higher detection sensitivity, are more robust and offer a wider detection area.


4 July 2011

Murata introduces fail safe ceramic capacitor for automotive applications

Murata today announced the launch of the GCE series of monolithic ceramic capacitors that are less prone to failure due to mechanical stress. With a soft termination of the capacitive element, the mechanical stress induced by board flexing or a wide variation of temperature is less likely to cause the capacitor body to crack. This is achieved by using a conductive resin for the terminations, and increases the body’s ability to absorb such stress. In addition, by using a multi-layer serial capacitor (MLSC) approach to the construction, the GCE series will not easily short-circuit either. This technique uses an internal “floating” plate that creates an equivalent circuit of two capacitors in series. In this way, a short circuit condition is highly unlikely to happen due to component failure. This makes the GCE series ideal for a broad range of automotive applications where safety is crucial.


6 June 2011

Murata achieves two world’s firsts with launch of smallest and only surface mount PIR sensor

Murata today announced the launch of the IRS-B series of dual and quad type surface mount pyro-electric infrared sensors. Believed to be not only the smallest PIR sensors in the world, but also the only surface mount devices available, the series are aimed at a broad range of energy saving applications in consumer appliances.


17 May 2011

Murata launches world’s first safety standard certified ceramic capacitor for automotive applications

Murata announced today the launch of the DE6 series “Type KJ” ceramic capacitors specifically designed for automotive applications and certified to meet the demanding safety standards required in such operating environments. Believed to be the first manufacturer in the industry to have successfully commercialized ceramic capacitors destined for automotive applications and certified under the safety standards, the capacitors are coated with a new insulating resin material. The resin improves the temperature resistance cycle performance and allows the capacitors to be guaranteed to endure 1,000 -55°C/+125°C temperature cycles.


20 April 2011

Indoor radio-controlled helicopter application drives gyro sensor shipments over 30 million mark

Murata announced today that they have marked the shipment of over 30 million units of its ENC-03RC-10-R gyro sensor for radio-controlled helicopters. The ENC series of piezoelectric vibrating gyroscopes, initially designed for image stabilization in digital still and video cameras, have increasingly been in high demand to aid stable flight performance of indoor radio-controlled helicopters. The growth of the model helicopter application has rapidly driven gyro shipments over the past 3 years and now accounts for approximately 90% of global shipments.


8 April 2011

Murata innovates capacitor termination less prone to mechanical stress for automotive applications

Murata today announced the GCJ series of monolithic ceramic capacitors designed to accommodate the bending, vibration and thermal conditions experienced in under-bonnet automotive applications. Meeting the automotive market requirements by failing-safe against a short circuit, Murata have incorporated a soft termination with the ceramic body.


31 March 2011

Murata extends range of high accuracy hybrid crystal resonators

Murata announces an addition to its XRCGB-M series of hybrid crystal resonators. The XRCGB26 device adds the nominal 26 MHz frequency to the comprehensive range of frequencies already supported by the XRCGB-M series. The new device has a frequency tolerance of less than ± 30 ppm and an operating range from -30 degrees C to + 85 degrees C with a frequency shift of ± 40 ppm. Frequency aging is less than ± 5 ppm per year. The XRCGB-M range also benefits from a tiny package size of just 2.0 x 1.6 x 0.7mm, comparing favourably to its quartz crystal equivalents. The series is available in frequencies of: 24, 25, 26, 27, 27.12, 30, 33.86, 40 and 48 MHz, with additional frequencies under development. Murata's hybrid crystal resonator family features a quartz crystal element manufactured by Tokyo Denpa alongside Murata's ceramic resonator technology in the same package, using Murata's production technology to create a device smaller and lower cost than a quartz crystal whilst maintaining the precision of quartz. Murata's hybrid crystal resonators now all feature four connection pads on the base to make them a more direct replacement for quartz. All Murata's hybrid crystal resonators are RoHS compliant.


23 March 2011

Murata MLCC reduces flicker and acoustic noise in LED lighting applications

Murata today announced the introduction of a series of capacitors specifically designed to provide DC smoothing and acoustic noise reduction in LED lighting applications. As the market for LED lighting has steadily grown customers have recognized that a capacitive DC bias, that results in less actual capacitive value, and a piezo-electronic phenomenon within capacitors has been the cause of light flickering and acoustic noise. Previously, many designers have avoided the use of ceramic capacitors in LED lighting applications even though they have superior size and higher temperature reliability.


9 March 2011

Murata begins mass production of Micro DC-DC converter device series which saves space and reduces noise

Hoofddorp, Netherlands: Murata has begun mass production of its new Micro DC-DC converter device series, which will reduce the board space used by buck converters in battery powered devices. All items in this series measure 2.5 x 2.0 x 1.1mm (maximum) making them significantly smaller than discrete solutions. Murata's entire DC-DC solution for portable devices, including the Micro DC-DC converter device, occupies less than 10mm2 of board space, less than half the footprint of the same solution implemented with discrete components.


9 February 2011

Murata to exhibit innovative RFID solutions for electronics products at CeBIT

Hoofddorp, Netherlands: Murata will be exhibiting its innovative RFID solutions, featuring a live demonstration of the company's MAGICSTRAP® UHF tag-IC module, at CeBIT 2011 in Hannover, Germany, 1-5 March 2011. Murata is located in the AutoID/RFID Solutions Park on the AIM booth, Hall 7 Stand D10. The demonstration will show how RFID can be easily integrated into any electronics product by using MAGICSTRAP®. The exhibit will also highlight how cost can be saved and value can be created by the implementation of RFID inside components on a PCB; the core of any electronics product. Murata Business Development Manager Alexander Schmoldt will give a presentation on this topic on Wednesday, March 2nd from 16:30 – 17:00 at the Forum of the AutoID(RFID Solutions Park.


3 February 2011

Murata introduces new small footprint, low profile wirewound power inductors

Hoofddorp, Netherlands: Murata has released two additions to its LQH series of wirewound power inductors that feature low profile, improved current saturation and low DC resistance. Both parts also feature full shielding to reduce magnetic flux leakage in order to enable low DC resistance and high inductance. These power inductors are ideal for power circuitry in audio-visual equipment including televisions, DVD players, etc. and a variety of other applications.


27 January 2011

Murata increases MLCC production capacity to keep up with market demand: Tantalum-replacement MLCCs feature excellent high frequency performance combined with short lead times

Hoofddorp, Netherlands: Murata has increased production capacity of its HiCap high capacitance range of multilayer ceramic capacitors (MLCCs) as this series is replacing tantalum capacitors in increasing numbers of applications. MLCCs' excellent noise blocking performance at high frequency, lower impedance as well as lead time and price advantages mean they are more able to replace their tantalum counterparts.


24 January 2011

Murata introduces new multilayer series capacitors to avoid bending failure in automotive environments

Hoofddorp, Netherlands: Murata has introduced 13 new parts into its GCD series of MLSCs (multilayer series capacitors). This range features two capacitors in series in each package and is designed to reduce failure of electronic equipment caused by excessive bending and solder shock cracks in automotive environments.


8 December 2010

Murata increases rated current and reduces footprint of automotive grade common mode choke coils

Hoofddorp, Netherlands: Murata has introduced an SMD version of its high rated current common mode choke coil family, raising the rated current from 3A to 10A while reducing their footprint by approximately half. Dimensions of the new components are 13.4mm (maximum) x 8.9mm x 6.6mm (typical).


22 November 2010

MEMS rate sensor from Murata features stable thermal performance and high reliability for accurate dead-reckoning

Hoofddorp, Netherlands: Murata has launched a MEMS rate sensor (gyro) which features excellent performance characteristics for the automotive market. The device, part number MEV-50C-R, supports accurate dead-reckoning performance for car navigation devices, but is also aimed at GPS modules, satellite antennas and other applications such as toys, including for example a high performance radio control helicopter. This sensor features the second-generation of Murata’s technology – the first generation was used in Murata's famous bicycle-riding robot, MURATA BOY, and Murata’s unicycle-riding robot, MURATA GIRL.


15 November 2010

Murata introduces world's thinnest RF micro coaxial cable connector

Hoofddorp, Netherlands: Murata has introduced the JSC series of RF micro coaxial cable connectors, which are the thinnest in the world with a profile of just 1.0mm maximum. The JSC series is for RF signal transmission in mobile phones, smartphones, PDAs and wireless mobile terminals of all types. The JSC cable connector has been developed as the result of requirements from the industry for lower profile connectors. The low profile of the connector has been achieved by introducing a C-shaped spring terminal on both the outer and inner conductors.


9 November 2010

Murata debuts technologies to shrink footprint and increase functionality and battery life of mobile devices

Hoofddorp, Netherlands: Murata has debuted three energy efficient technologies aimed at increasing mobile device functionality and reducing size while extending battery life at Electronica 2010 in Munich, Germany. The company has announced a tiny buck converter module to help reduce footprint, a new super-capacitor technology to help provide peak power requirements and a highly integrated Bluetooth/WLAN/FM module.


5 November 2010

Murata partners with antenna giant Kathrein on UHF RFID solution for traceability in electronic production

Hoofddorp, Netherlands: Murata has formed a partnership with the world's leading manufacturer of antennas, Kathrein, to offer a solution that simplifies the implementation of RFID in electronics production. This complete solutions removes all obstacles to the adoption of RFID in the electronics production sector. The offering from Murata and Kathrein incorporates Murata's MAGICSTRAP® RFID module technology and Kathrein's customised UHF antenna technology.


22 October 2010

Murata announces world's smallest 22µF 25V-rated MLCC

Hoofddorp, Netherlands: Murata has announced a 2012-size (2.0 x 1.25mm) monolithic ceramic capacitor with a capacitance of 22µF and voltage rating of 25V, the smallest of its kind in the world.


16 September 2010

Murata invites visitors to view demonstrations including unicycling robot and RFID capabilities at Electronica 2010

Hoofddorp, Netherlands: Murata will be exhibiting at Electronica 2010 in Munich, Germany, 9-12 November 2010, on booth B5:107. The company will demonstrate its unicycling robot, Murata Girl, alongside the flexibility of its RFID technology, MAGICSTRAP®, plus its micro-blower spot cooling device and other solutions for consumer, automotive and industrial electronics. Murata Power Solutions will also be showcasing AC-DC and DC-DC products on the Murata booth. Technical experts from both Murata and Murata Power Solutions will be on hand to answer any questions about the companies’ extensive product offering.


31 August 2010

Murata releases new series of common mode choke coils supporting USB 3.0 SuperSpeed Signals

Hoofddorp, Netherlands: Murata has released the DLP11TB series of 0504 chip common mode choke coils, which are designed to reduce undesirable radiation noise in electronic equipment. Murata's unique high-precision film inductor forming technology was mobilised to successfully attain an improved cut-off frequency in the transmission characteristics of these new choke coils compared with previous products. In the DLP11TB series, Murata has successfully boosted the cut-off frequency of the common mode choke coils to 8GHz or more, enabling USB3.0 SuperSpeed signals to be transmitted at more than satisfactory quality.


27 July 2010

Murata expands its extensive product offering with high capacitance conductive polymer capacitors

Hoofddorp, Netherlands: Murata has launched its first non-ceramic based capacitor product, the ECAS series of polymer aluminium electrolytic capacitors. The introduction of polymer aluminium electrolytic capacitor technology is the result of Murata’s purchase of Showa Denko K.K.’s (SDK) conductive polymer capacitor business. Polymer capacitors exhibit strong equivalent series resistance (ESR) performance compared to traditional electrolytic capacitors and provide similar characteristics to multi-layer ceramic capacitors (MLCCs). The ECAS series allows Murata to greatly expand its high capacitance offerings, giving customers a full range of capacitor solutions. Markets for the ECAS series capacitor include computer, digital audio visual and telecom for overall power management.


12 July 2010

Arithmetic processing IP core for MP3 decoders features smallest circuit size and lowest power consumption

Hoofddorp, Netherlands: Murata, in collaboration with Mathmatec Corporation, has developed an arithmetic processing IP core for MP3 decoders that uses less than 10% of the power required for conventional general software processing. By optimising circuits with original Murata architecture, used in conjunction with the Spinor® circuit compression technology developed by Mathematec Corporation, Murata has succeeded in achieving a circuit size and power consumption level that ranks among the smallest and lowest ever to have been developed.


6 July 2010

Murata announces availability of high accuracy hybrid crystal resonator

Hoofddorp, Netherlands: Murata announces a new series of devices in its hybrid crystal resonator family, featuring improved accuracy of less than ±100ppm. Murata's hybrid crystal resonator family features a quartz crystal element manufactured by Tokyo Denpa alongside Murata's ceramic resonator technology in the same package, using Murata's production technology to create a device smaller and lower cost than a quartz crystal whilst maintaining the precision of quartz.


15 June 2010

Murata joins AIM in the UK and Netherlands

Hoofddorp, Netherlands: Murata has become a manufacturer-member of the UK and Netherlands chapters of AIM, the Association for Automatic Identification and Mobility. Representing automatic identification and mobility technology solution providers worldwide, AIM has led the way in industry standards, education and outreach since 1972. Murata became a manufacturer-member of AIM Germany in January 2010.


13 May 2010

Murata scoops Platinum Supplier award from TTI

Hoofddorp, Netherlands: Murata has been awarded the Platinum level in TTI's Supplier Excellence awards for the second consecutive year. The award recognises outstanding performance in a number of tightly-measured categories throughout 2009.


6 May 2010

Murata develops world's first 500V-rated MLCCs with low-loss base metal electrodes to improve Q-factor of high-frequency circuits

Hoofddorp, Netherlands: Murata has added a series of 500V-rated low loss monolithic ceramic capacitors for high frequency applications to the lineup of its popular GQM series, by integrating its low loss materials technology and its base metal electrode technology. The GQM22 series is the world's first 500V-rated MLCC with base metal electrodes, featuring high Q-factor, tight capacitance tolerance and excellent high frequency characteristics.


15 April 2010

Industry's only conductive glue mountable thermistor developed by Murata

Hoofddorp, Netherlands: Selected parts from Murata's popular chip NTC thermistor range are now available in versions suitable for conductive glue mounting. The NCG18 series of conductive glue mountable thermistors is the industry's first. The parts feature exactly the same characteristics as Murata's widely used NCP18 series, meaning that when migrating to the new type, all the relevant circuit parameters can be maintained, saving design time and cost.


31 March 2010

Murata develops world's smallest 10?F, 25V rated monolithic ceramic capacitor

Hoofddorp, Netherlands: Murata has developed a 1608-size 10?F monolithic ceramic capacitor, the GRM188R61E106M, which is the world's smallest with a 25V rating. Compared to previous 10?F/25V models, the new capacitor is approximately 60% smaller in volume, contributing to equipment downsizing. Further, its capacitance has been increased ten-fold compared to previous Murata capacitors with the same case size, rated voltage and temperature characteristics.


24 March 2010

Murata dramatically reduces UHF RFID tag size in close-coupling applications; launches compact cost-effective UHF RFID reader/writer module

RFID/SITL Show, Paris: Murata's MAGICSTRAP® UHF RFID solution is now available for close-coupling applications, enabling significant reductions in close-coupled UHF RFID tag size. The MAGICSTRAP® tag requires no external antenna and allows manufacturers to effectively reduce the size of a close-coupled UHF RFID tag to 3.2 x 1.6mm.


10 March 2010

World's first JEITA RCX-2326 compliant MLCCs from Murata achieved with advances in capacitor construction

Hoofddorp, Netherlands: Murata's GW series of multilayer ceramic capacitors is the world's first to comply to the Japanese standard JEITA RCX-2326. This standard specifies capacitance under actual operating conditions including temperature and DC voltage. Murata has succeeded in achieving higher capacitance with the GW series under these conditions compared with previous models of multilayer ceramic capacitors. The GW series is therefore ideal for decoupling capacitor use in power supply circuits for low voltage driven devices and CPUs, FPGAs and similar applications.


9 March 2010

Murata Elektronik joins Association for Automatic Identification and Mobility

Nürnberg: Murata Elektronik GmbH has become a Manufacturer-member of the German chapter of AIM, the worldwide industry association for Automatic Identification and Mobility. Representing automatic identification and mobility technology solution providers, AIM has led the way in industry standards, education and outreach since 1972.


17 February 2010

Murata announces ultra-tight ±0.5% tolerance chip NTC thermistors

Hoofddorp, Netherlands: Murata announces ultra-tight tolerance versions of its market-leading chip NTC (negative temperature coefficient) thermistor series, the NCP series. ±0.5% tolerance versions are now available with consumer, industrial and automotive temperature ranges. These ±0.5% tolerance chip NTC thermistors are the first of their kind to be developed and offer a low-cost alternative to IC-based sensing solutions when high sensing accuracy is required.


4 February 2010

Narrow tolerance high-voltage resistors from Murata replace variable resistors in power supply and high voltage applications

Hoofddorp, Netherlands: Murata's MHR03xx series of high voltage resistors is now available with tighter tolerances than in previous versions. Parts in the range 1M? to 100M? are available with +/-0.5% tolerances, and parts up to 500M? can be produced with tolerances of +/-1%. These new narrow tolerance parts are produced using Murata's state of the art laser trimming technology, and can help reduce costs by replacing more expensive variable resistors in certain types of design. Murata has been producing high voltage resistors for more than 35 years and is the market leader in the technology.


11 January 2010

Murata announces world's smallest pyroelectric infrared sensor

Hoofddorp, Netherlands: The latest version of Murata's pyroelectric infrared (PIR) sensor is the world's smallest at just 5.0 x 4.7 x 2.4 mm, enabling the sensor to be used in compact, low profile electronic devices and equipment. The IRS-B210ST01-R1 is also the only surface-mount PIR sensor on the market. It features high sensitivity and signal to noise ratio, excellent stability against temperature changes and white light and enhanced RFI immunity.


18 December 2009

Murata widens line-up of automotive grade NTC chip thermistors

Hoofddorp, Netherlands: Murata has increased the lineup of its industry-leading chip thermistor family by adding a new automotive grade series of compact NTC (negative temperature coefficient) chip thermistors. The NCPxxxx0Sxx series features operating temperature between -40 and +150 degC and will be used in high temperature environments such as engine control circuitry.


7 December 2009

Murata soft termination capacitors reduce cracks due to board bending

Hoofddorp, Netherlands: Murata has developed a capacitor end termination technology that significantly reduces the risk of damage when subject to bending stress.


30 November 2009

Murata announces entry into large form factor power inductor market with introduction of 8x8mm wirewound chip coil series

Hoofddorp, Netherlands: Murata has introduced the LQH88P_38 series of power inductors, supporting up to 8A rated current. These inductors measure 8 x 8 mm (3131-size) with a low profile of just 3.8 mm (typical) and are designed for use in DC-DC converters for flat panel TVs, set-top boxes, recording devices, wireless base stations and other consumer electronics applications.


29 October 2009

Murata's improved performance wirewound chip inductors contribute to DC-DC converter efficiency

Hoofddorp, Netherlands: Murata's latest 1212 size wirewound chip inductor series offers improved performance in the same compact, low profile case size. The LQH3NP_J0 series is designed specifically for DC-DC converter applications and features reduced DC resistance and increased allowable current.


15 October 2009

Murata launches low capacitance electrostatic discharge protection devices

Hoofddorp, Netherlands: Murata introduces the LXES series of ceramic and silicon based ESD protection devices. Both types feature high suppression levels, high repetition durability and ultra-low capacitance for use in high speed data transmission environments. ESD protection devices are critical components in protecting sensitive circuits in electronic equipment such as mobile phones, notebook PCs and netbooks, digital cameras and other consumer devices from electrostatic discharge (ESD).


3 September 2009

Murata designs World's thinnest embedded capacitor for substrates featuring high capacitance

Hoofddorp, Netherlands: Murata has introduced the GRU series, the world’s thinnest embedded monolithic capacitor for substrates. Using advanced ceramic technology, the new 0402 size capacitor, measuring only 1.0mm x 0.5mm x 0.15mm, is built into the substrate for placement below integrated circuits (ICs) and other electronics. The GRU series was developed using Murata’s leading-edge dielectric material expertise to achieve the world’s lowest profile at 150µm with a sophisticated external electrode formation to reduce the component’s thickness. Since this capacitor is designed to be mounted within the PCB substrate, it also enhances equipment performance by reducing wiring inductance.


27 August 2009

Murata acquires Panasonic Electronic Devices' MLCC business

Hoofddorp, Netherlands: Murata Manufacturing Company, Ltd., a world-leading innovator in electronics and the largest global supplier of ceramic passive components, announced that it has purchased the multilayer ceramic capacitor (MLCC) business from Panasonic Electronic Devices (PED). This acquisition increases Murata’s international competitiveness in the MLCC market as PED's technology and customers will be transferred to Murata.


17 August 2009

LC filter array from Murata improves receiving sensitivity for mobile phones

Hoofddorp, Netherlands: Murata's latest addition to its NFA18SL series of EMIFIL LC arrays, the NFA18SL227V1A45, has improved electrical performance with deeper insertion loss characteristics at high frequency, compared to the rest of the NFA18SL range. The new 3-terminal filter array is designed for blocking high frequency noise in parts of mobile phone handset, particularly the LCD and camera modules found in these applications. The device's broad insertion loss characteristics at 800MHz to the high GHz range allows mobile phone designers to improve the receiving sensitivity of the phone and GPS functionality, without compromising board space.


11 August 2009

Piezo sound components offer low profile, low current solution for automotive and consumer applications

Fleet, UK: Murata's piezo sound components are available in low-profile SMD packaging for automotive and consumer electronics. Compared to magnetic/dynamic sound components, piezo sounders and buzzers consume very little current, are lightweight and reduce the amount of components needed in the drive circuit as they can be driven directly from an IC. There is no magnetic noise interference from piezo parts as the sound component is based on a piezoelectric ceramic diaphragm. The RoHS compliant parts are high impedance (1 to 5kOhm) and are available in SMD packages to help keep assembly costs low.


5 August 2009

Increased capacitance and lower cost for Murata's X2-class safety capacitors

Hoofddorp, Netherlands: Murata has increased the capacitance and reduced the cost of its GB series of monolithic ceramic capacitors for power supply primary circuits. These parts are the first monolithic capacitors aimed at power supply primary circuit applications to achieve 56nF capacitance. The cost was also reduced by 15% over previous models by replacing the precious metals like silver that were used for the electrodes with a base metal such as nickel.


2 July 2009

Murata's SAW filter for Bluetooth and WiFi circuits simplifies designs and reduces bill of materials in mobile devices

Hoofddorp, Netherlands: The latest advances in Murata's filter technology have led to development of a new SAW filter whose high power capability means it can be used as a top filter, replacing two interstage filters with a single component. In addition, the filter's external matching circuit requires just two inductors. This overall reduction in component count minimises a design's bill of materials and will be of particular benefit to OEMs making wireless consumer devices such as mobile phones.


26 June 2009

Murata reduces thickness of RFID modules by half to target paper tags for mainstream retail applications: Low placement accuracy requirement eases manufacture and cuts costs

Hoofddorp, Netherlands: Murata has reduced the size of its tiny RFID module MAGICSTRAP®, making it suitable for paper label inlays for mainstream retail applications. The size of this second generation of the MAGICSTRAP module is 1.6 x 1.0 x 0.25 mm; the module's thickness has been reduced by more than half and its volume by 89% compared to first generation MAGICSTRAP devices. MAGICSTRAP RFID modules can be mounted using ordinary adhesive, with only millimetre accuracy, onto almost any conductive surface to act as the antenna. Murata's MAGICSTRAP therefore represents an easy to implement “Zero Defect” tag solution that requires only minimal knowledge of RF electronics. Its low placement accuracy requirements allow RFID inlays for paper tags to be manufactured without sophisticated component placement machinery which results in substantial cost savings for manufacturers.


19 June 2009

Robot unicyclist's first visit to Europe

Hoofddorp, Netherlands: Unicycling robot MURATA GIRL will visit Europe for the very first time from her home in Japan to perform at the ARS Electronica Centre in Linz, Austria from June 20. She will perform alongside her cousin, cycling robot MURATA BOY, at demonstrations at the ARS Electronica Centre and in Linz's main square. MURATA BOY will also accompany young cyclists around an obstacle course on the ARS Electronica Centre's main deck.


4 June 2009

Murata's long lead thermistor for hard to reach areas gains automotive qualifications

Hoofddorp, Netherlands: Murata's Thermo-String long lead thermistor range for monitoring the temperature of areas that are hard to reach with surface-mount thermistors is now fully qualified for automotive use. Hot spots may not always be on the PCB or motherboard, so Thermo-String's long leads of up to 150mm allow the head of the thermistor to be situated as close to the problem area as possible, even in narrow or small locations.


26 May 2009

Murata's hybrid ceramic and quartz crystal resonator combines high precision, small size and low cost

Hoofddorp, Netherlands: Murata and Tokyo Denpa have jointly developed a hybrid crystal and ceramic resonator. The XRCGA series of Hybrid Crystal Resonators features a quartz crystal element manufactured by Tokyo Denpa alongside Murata's ceramic resonator technology in the same package. Murata's production technology results in smaller and lower cost devices that maintain the precision offered by the quartz crystal.


5 May 2009

Murata announces world's smallest RF switch connector with enhanced characteristics for UWB compatibility

Hoofddorp, Netherlands: Murata has enhanced the operating frequency range and reduced the footprint of its tiny RF switch connectors to create the new SWG series, now suitable for UWB (ultra wide band) applications. The SWG series of connectors, the world's smallest RF switch connectors at just 2.0 x 2.0 x 0.9mm, are designed to enable reliable testing of RF circuits throughout a product's development stage up to final production and save PCB space in portable/handheld consumer electronics applications. The series' small footprint makes it ideal for mobile phones, PDAs, GPS systems and measurement equipment and is compatible with WiFi, WiMAX, 4G, Bluetooth, ZigBee and UWB wireless standards.


14 April 2009

Murata enhances performance of EMIFIL chip ferrite beads giving up to 60% lower DC resistance

Hoofddorp, Netherlands: Murata has enhanced the performance of its high performance EMIFIL chip ferrite beads to help designers save power and space in portable equipment designs. New ceramic materials and process technologies have allowed Murata to lower the DC resistance of its chip ferrite beads by up to 60%, increasing rated current to create the BLM15AX_SN series.


13 March 2009

Murata's LQH44P series of 1515-size wire-wound chip inductors help save space and increase efficiency in DC-DC converters

Hoofddorp, Netherlands: Murata now offers its low DC resistance, high rated current wire-wound chip inductors in low profile 1515-size packaging (4.0 x 4.0 x 1.65mm), designed to save space and increase efficiency in DC-DC converter designs.


27 February 2009

Murata GJ8 series of low-profile capacitors reduces acoustic noise by up to 30dB

Hoofddorp, Netherlands: Murata's GJ8 series of multi-layer ceramic chip capacitors (MLCCs) has been specifically developed to reduce acoustic noise in consumer and industrial electronics applications. Sound can be generated by the MLCCs at the input to the DC-DC converter in a notebook PC, or by capacitors in the control circuit of the LCD module in a mobile phone. This problem is caused by the expansion and contraction of the dielectric element in some MLCCs, which causes the PCB to vibrate at the amplitude of the voltage applied. When the frequency of the voltage applied approaches audio frequencies, a noise can be heard.


13 February 2009

Murata reduces the size of its AMR magnetic switches for open/close detection in consumer electronics

Hoofddorp, Netherlands: Murata has reduced the size of its AMR magnetic switches, saving space and cost in consumer electronics applications. AMR (Anisotropic Magneto Resistance) magnetic switches are primarily used for open/close detection in home appliances such as white goods and security equipment as well as other consumer electronics devices like mobile phones, laptop PCs, digital cameras etc. Murata's range of AMR switches is now available in an ultra small package measuring 1.0x0.9x0.5mm, in addition to industrial standard package sizes such as SOT23 and SON4.


5 February 2009

Murata doubles rated current of its chip ferrite beads for power supply applications

Hoofddorp, Netherlands: Murata has developed a new series of chip ferrite beads, the BLM18KG series, that achieves between 1.5 times and double the rated current of Murata's previous series of chip ferrite beads. The BLM18KG series has also reduced its package size from the typical 0805 size (2.0 x 1.25 mm) to 0603 size (1.6 x 0.8 mm).


28 January 2009

Murata sponsors Bath Rugby's online TV channel

Fleet, UK: Murata is sponsoring Bath Rugby TV, the online TV channel that features exclusive interviews with Bath Rugby's players and staff. BRTV gives fans unprecedented access to all of those behind the scenes at Bath Rugby, including footage of players and coaches that other media simply do not have access to. BRTV has followed the team to away trips, training camps, player’s homes and even watched Nick Abendanon strip off for charity! Streaming worldwide, Bath Rugby TV can be enjoyed in almost every country in the world and fans can see their favourite players up close and personal on a regular basis – with all the bloopers and hilarity that goes along with it. Bath Rugby TV is available at


18 December 2008

Murata reduces GIGAFIL RF filters' footprint by 72% for W-CDMA, LTE cellular basestations

Hoofddorp, Netherlands: Two new block-type dielectric RF filters for telecoms basestation applications have been added to Murata's GIGAFIL range. The filters have been designed for cellular basestation applications which use a digital pre-distortion amplifier (DPD), as they feature a wide pass band and flat ripple performance, which are required for DPD PA design. The filter's small size (10.6 x 6.0 x 4.8mm) means they require 72% less mounting space compared to Murata's previous generation of filters for this application.


13 November 2008

Murata's Power MONO ceramic capacitor saves board space in Hybrid Electric Scooter application

Hoofddorp, Netherlands: Murata announces that its Power MONO ceramic capacitor has been designed into a hybrid electric scooter. Power MONO ceramic capacitors are much more compact than their film or aluminium electrolytic counterparts and feature high allowable ripple current. Further, Murata designed innovative metal terminals for the Power MONO series that prevent cracking in the ceramic material when exposed to mechanical stress.


12 November 2008

Murata’s Power MONO MLCCs save space and weight in Magneti Marelli KERS System for Formula 1

Hoofddorp, Netherlands: Murata’s Power MONO capacitors have been used in a KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery System) for Formula 1 cars designed by Magneti Marelli.


11 November 2008

Murata announces industry's smallest isolator, 56% smaller than previous generation, saves space in multi-band mobile phone applications

Hoofddorp, Netherlands: Murata has developed the industry's smallest isolator for use in 800MHz/2GHz mobile phone handset applications. The CEG23 series' innovative construction helps to save mounting space in even the most demanding of designs. The new isolator is 56% smaller than Murata's previous generation of isolators, measuring a tiny 2.0 x 2.0 x 1.0mm.


20 October 2008

Murata to demonstrate cycling robot Murata Boy, WiFi software and automotive capabilities at Electronica 2008

Hoofddorp, Netherlands: Murata Boy's next performance will be at Electronica 2008 in Munich, Germany, 11-14 November, where he will perform his latest moves in front of a live audience. Murata Boy is Murata's cycling robot mascot and this year, he has travelled all the way from Japan to show Electronica visitors the new tricks he has been taught by Murata's team of engineers. Shows will be hosted 8-10 times each day throughout the week on the Murata stand (B5:107).


2 October 2008

Murata announces 1212 size inductors with low DC resistance to help improve efficiency in DC-DC converters

Hoofddorp, Netherlands: Murata has developed two new series of low-profile wirewound chip inductors for use in DC-DC converter applications. Both the LQH3NPxM0 series and LQH3NPxG0 series of inductors offer low DC resistance, vital for DC-DC converter applications as it prevents energy dissipation from the inductor, improving the converter’s overall efficiency.


16 September 2008

Murata’s latest EMI filter coil in 0504 packaging delivers high 6GHz cut-off frequency for HDMI A/V connectors

Hoofddorp, Netherlands: Murata has announced the latest addition to its EMIFIL range of tiny common mode choke coils, the DLP11SA900HL2. The coil is designed to minimise electromagnetic interference (EMI) in HDMI and similar high speed differential signal lines, and features a high 6GHz cut-off frequency, making it ideal for use in 1080p applications. Its small (1.25x1x.82mm) 0504 size case and industry leading specification enables board space to be freed up without degrading performance or signal integrity.


8 September 2008

Murata SAW resonator family for ISM-band devices achieves ±50ppm tolerance

Hoofddorp, Netherlands: Murata's latest family of SAW resonators is designed for short range devices (SRDs) operating in the ISM300 and ISM400 bands, and achieves ±50ppm tolerance. Because of its tight tolerance, the SARCC series of SAW resonators helps designs comply with the latest ETSI (European Telecommunications Standards Institute) frequency error standard.


1 September 2008

Pre-qualified Murata all-in-one Bluetooth module saves development time and cost

Hoofddorp, Netherlands: Murata's latest all-in-one Bluetooth module enables designers to easily integrate Bluetooth functionality into their applications without specific RF knowledge or expertise, saving development time, resource and cost. The LBMA46LCS integrates all the components necessary for Bluetooth operation including Bluetooth chipset, antenna filter, EEPROM and oscillator.


11 August 2008

World’s first 0302 1.0µF 2-element capacitor array from Murata cuts mounting space and costs in mobile devices

Hoofddorp, Netherlands: Murata has introduced the world’s first 0.9 x 0.6mm (0302) 1.0?F 2-element capacitor array, part number GNM0M2R60E105M. This new 0302-size 2-element capacitor array has achieved 1.0?F per element, which is unprecedented even for a single 0.6 x 0.3 mm (0201) device.


4 August 2008

Murata high performance, low cost standardised antennas for GPS, Bluetooth and WLAN applications require little design resource

Hoofddorp, Netherlands: Murata has developed a series of platform antennas for GPS, Bluetooth and WLAN 2.4GHz applications. Both On-GND and GND-clearance types are available. These standardised parts require little design resource compared to creating a customised design, and eliminate associated tooling costs. The series achieves high-performance in a tiny package size by using Murata’s high-Q dielectric ceramics.


24 July 2008

Murata's high inductance, high Q chip inductors help miniaturise FM circuits

Hoofddorp, Netherlands: Murata's LQW21H series of chip inductors maintains high Q of at least 35 in the FM band, whilst offering high inductance and small size. It enables designers working with FM circuits to miniaturise their designs without compromising on performance.


3 July 2008

World’s smallest ferrite beads from Murata save space in EMI filtering applications

Hoofddorp, Netherlands: To keep up with the industry's demands for miniaturisation, Murata has introduced the world's smallest ferrite beads. Designed for EMI filter applications in DC power lines, these components will help to reduce board space without compromising on performance.


27 June 2008

Murata’s tiny, easy to mount inductive-coupled RFID device enables global product lifecycle tracking without RF expertise

Hoofddorp, Netherlands: Murata has developed a tiny RFID module, MAGICSTRAP™, that enables product lifecycle tracking using any global frequency whilst minimising the amount RF expertise required to implement an RFID solution.


29 May 2008

Murata's PRF thermistor series protects power FETs in multiple locations in POL converter applications

Hoofddorp, Netherlands: The latest addition to Murata's PRF family of chip ceramic thermistors (POSISTORs) is the PRF18xx5RB series, designed for overheat detection of power FETs in point of load (POL) DC-DC converters and other power supply applications. Each part has two temperature sensing points and features characteristic curves that rise very sharply. The series has a resistance of 470? at 25°C, rising to 4.7k? between 65 and 145°C, rising further to 47k? between 80 and 150°C, depending on the part number. The PRF series is available in tiny 0603 packaging, and is also suitable for detecting overheat conditions in battery packs, motors, power devices and other systems.


13 May 2008

Murata extends HiCap series of MLCC capacitors to 125°C rating

Hoofddorp, Netherlands: Following strong demand from the plasma cell flat panel display and power supply markets, Murata has extended the maximum operating temperature rating of its popular HiCap series from 85°C to 125°C. This has been achieved largely through the development of new ceramic materials.


22 April 2008

Murata’s environmentally-friendly tape packaging for ultra-small 01005 chip capacitors is 90% cleaner

Hoofddorp, Netherlands: Murata’s GRM02 series of 01005 chip capacitors is now available in W4P1 plastic tape packaging. This new tape is 4mm wide and has a pitch of 0.1mm, saving around 75% of the volume of packaging material waste compared to the previous tape packaging. As the new tape is plastic, it reduces the amount of fluff and dust produced by at least 90% over the old paper tape. Class 1000 clean mounting processes can now be applied to the GRM02 series, so that more applications can take advantage of the series’ low ESR, low ESL and ultra-small size.


15 April 2008

Murata appoints Stuart Criddle as Key Account Manager for Distribution

Fleet, UK: The latest addition to the Murata Electronics UK team is Stuart Criddle, who joins as Key Account Manager - Distribution.


15 February 2008

Murata’s high-Q low-ESR MLCCs reduce power consumption in RF applications

Hoofddorp, Netherlands: Murata’s GQM series of high-Q multilayer ceramic chip (MLCC) capacitors features low ESR and high Q at VHF, UHF and microwave frequencies. Low ESR – 0.1 Ohms at 1GHz for a typical 10pF capacitor – helps reduce power consumption in mobile phones, basestations and telecommunications equipment, particularly RF power amplifiers. The series comes with high voltage ratings up to 250V in 0603 packaging, and up to 100V in 0805 packaging. 0805 versions rated at 250V are under development.


24 January 2008

Murata shrinks DC power filtering by 60% with 0402 ferrites

Hoofddorp, Netherlands: Murata has released the BLM15P series of chip ferrite bead inductors in 0402 packages. These tiny parts measure 1.0 by 0.5 by 0.5mm, achieving a footprint that is over 60% smaller than the 0603 types offered previously, without degradation in performance. The devices are suitable for EMI reduction on DC power lines and low speed signal lines where the smaller packaging reduces board space.


17 January 2008

Murata’s multilayer chip coils save 44% board space compared to wirewound parts

Hoofddorp, Netherlands: A new monolithic chip coil series of power inductors from Murata, the LQM2HP series, features a package size of just 2.5 by 2.0 by 1.1mm (1008 size). These multilayer power inductors use Murata’s proprietary ceramic materials and innovative inner electrode design. They enable board space savings of up to 44% without performance degradation when compared to wirewound parts.


10 January 2008

Murata’s SMD pyroelectric infrared movement sensor saves board space

Hoofddorp, Netherlands: Murata’s surface mount pyroelectric infrared (PIR) movement sensor is now available in a surface mount package that is both smaller and lower cost than its thru-hole counterpart. Murata’s IRS-A200ST01-R1 SMD PIR sensor is constructed with H shaped electrodes, as is the through-hole version, the IRA-E700ST.


3 January 2008

0402 directional couplers from Murata save PCB space in cellular phones

Hoofddorp, Netherlands: Murata Electronics Europe has introduced the LDC15 series of 0402 SMD chip multilayer hybrid couplers. These ultra-small low-profile directional couplers measure just 1.0 by 0.5 by 0.4 mm, saving PCB space in cellular phone and other handheld wireless applications. Based on Murata’s own ceramic multilayer technology, members of the series are available in the frequency range 800 to 3000MHz.


17 December 2007

New Murata RF measurement facility reduces system development time for customers

Caponago, Milano, Italy: Murata Europe announces the opening of its SAW filter and resonator measurement facility in Milan, Italy. The measurement facility has a team of RF engineers to support designers at all stages of their RF projects in the 300, 400 and 800MHz ISM bands. The facility provides application notes, reference designs and testing services for customers’ own prototypes.


6 December 2007

Murata pattern recognition sensors for compact banknote readers have excellent gap characteristics

Hoofddorp, Netherlands: Murata has released four new products in its BS05 series of magnetic pattern recognition sensors. The BS05M1HFAL, BS05M1KFCA, BS05M1KFFA and BS05M1KFBB magneto-resistive sensors are designed for ATMs, banknote counters, detectors and other validator applications. The devices are suitable for detection of magnetic thread or magnetic ink, and enable simple and quick mounting. These parts retain around 70% of their output voltage at a 0.1mm gap between sensor and substrate, compared to just 4% for typical coil head sensors. Along with their stable frequency characteristic, which is independent of the scanning speed, this makes them suitable for high-speed processing devices that demand superior accuracy.


1 November 2007

Murata develops world's smallest RF switch connector

Fleet, UK: Murata, a world-leading innovator in electronics and the largest global supplier of passive components, today introduced the world’s smallest Radio Frequency (RF), surface mount switch connector for wireless applications. The MM8130-2600RB8 measures only 2.5 by 2.5 by 1.4mm and is designed to reliably test microwave frequencies throughout a product’s development stage up to final production. The small footprint is ideal for cellular phones, PDAs, GPS systems and measurement equipment. The SWF series is also an excellent fit for advanced devices such as Wireless Local Area Networks (WLAN), WiMax, Ultra Wide Band (UWB), Bluetooth and Zigbee technologies.



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