24 February 2012

Murata launches ultra low-profile surface mount 2.4 kHz piezo sounders

Murata today announced the expansion of its PKLCS family with two new 2.4 kHz SMD piezoelectric sounders aimed at white goods, portable, industrial, and automotive applications. Both the consumer part PKLCS1212E2400-R1 and the automotive/industrial part PKLCS1212E24A0-R1 are available in low profile surface mount packages. They have a 5dB increase in sound pressure level compared to previous Murata devices, and are fully reflow solder compatible. They are ideally suited for applications that need to minimize the use of leaded components or have all components be low profile.


11 August 2009

Piezo sound components offer low profile, low current solution for automotive and consumer applications

Fleet, UK: Murata's piezo sound components are available in low-profile SMD packaging for automotive and consumer electronics. Compared to magnetic/dynamic sound components, piezo sounders and buzzers consume very little current, are lightweight and reduce the amount of components needed in the drive circuit as they can be driven directly from an IC. There is no magnetic noise interference from piezo parts as the sound component is based on a piezoelectric ceramic diaphragm. The RoHS compliant parts are high impedance (1 to 5kOhm) and are available in SMD packages to help keep assembly costs low.



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